Simple Posts Filter by Custom Taxonomy in WP Admin Without Plugins

Cross-Browser Add to Favorite Button

The Simpliest Way to Create Pure JavaScript Tabs on your Website

How to Save Nav Menu Items Individually (instead of saving the whole menu)

Do not want to save the whole menu each time you need to edit one or two elements of it?

Custom HTML template for images you insert in posts

This post can help you if you use lightbox plugin and want to add additional class to images automatically or if you just want to remove default attributes.

2 Ways to Get Comment Depth

I noticed that WordPress core does not have a function to get or to print depth level of a comment. WorPress database also doesn’t contain any information about comment depth (only ID of a parent comment). So, what to do?

Image Sizes Explained

Welcome to the most detailed tutorial about image sizes in WordPress. I hope you will find answers to all your questions here ?

Taxonomy Terms in Breadcrumbs

How to display the breadcrumbs navigation with hierarchical taxonomies on your website. Tutorial with examples.

8 Ways to Get User ID in WordPress

In this tutorial I will show you code examples on how to find current user ID, how to get user ID by username, email and meta data. All the examples work for WooCommerce too.

Ultimate Guide to meta_query – Get and Order Posts by Meta Values

Basically meta_query parameter of WP_Query allows you to search WordPress posts / pages / custom post types by their meta data and sort the result.

Use <Tab> to Indent in WordPress HTML Editor

How often do you copy code snippets from another websites? What do you like the most – code with the tabs or with a lot of spaces? Do you see the difference?

Post Preview Button for WordPress Fullscreen TinyMCE / HTML Editors

I think that default WordPress fullscreen editor is very easy to use. But there is one problem – when you want to preview your post on the blog, you need to switch off the fullscreen mode each time. It is very painful.

2 Ways of Creating Separate Blog Pages in WordPress

I know a lot of WordPress-based websites where a static page displays on the homepage and blog posts section is placed separately on a different page, e.g.

So, how to do that on your own website? I will show you 2 methods.

How to Create a Slider for Images In Posts

Slider in the post on my test website.

In this tutorial we will use WordPress media uploader and Owl Carousel to create a beautiful responsive slider (with swipe support) from images uploaded to a post.