Add or Change Content of Default Product Tabs

It is the last tutorial about WooCommerce product tabs, let me show how to change the content of the default product tabs or add something custom there.

My Experience as a WordCamp Lead Organizer

At the beginning of 2018 I visited WordCamp Oslo and I was so much inspired by it, so my dream was to organize something similar in the city I love, Saint Petersburg.

Create a Custom Product Tab

In this tutorial you will learn not only how to create a custom tab on WooCommerce single product pages but also how to display it only for specific product types or products.

Change Product Tabs Order

Let’s figure out how to set your custom order for product tabs on single product pages and how to select a tab you want to be opened by default.

Change Product Tab Titles and Headings

Why do you think I decided to create a separate tutorial about renaming product tabs? 🤔 Because everything is not as simple as it seems, especially when we are talking about the Reviews tab.

How to Remove Product Tabs

In this tutorial I will show you different ways how you can hide any of default tabs on single product pages. Without plugins and CSS of course 👍

Remove “Update Cart” button and Do It Automatically on Quantity Change

It is just a tiny thing but sometimes it can confuse your website customers. Because by default when you change the product quantity in WooCommerce cart, the cart won’t be updated until you smash the Update cart button.

Billing and Shipping Address Fields

WooCommerce has 4 different filter hooks which allow to manage the address fields, let’s figure out when and how to use each of them.

Add a Field to WooCommerce Registration Form

In this tutorial we will add an input field into the registration form and configure a custom validation for it. Without plugins or changing WooCommerce templates 🙌

My Account Fields

First of all we will make one of the edit account default fields optional, then we are going to remove it completely and after that I will show how to add a custom field there.

Remove both “Add to cart” and “Read more” Buttons

Different ways how you can completely hide Add to cart buttons on specific pages of your store without any CSS or plugins.

Make Products Non-Purchasable

In the previous tutorial I showed you how to hide product prices, now let’s continue with the same idea of transforming a WooCommerce store into a catalog and disable purchasing products. Without plugins.

Check if Product Belongs to a Product Category or Tag

In this tutorial I will show how to check in the code if a current product in the loop or a product with a certain ID belongs to specific product categories or tags.

Create Dynamic “SelectControl” with Posts in Gutenberg

In this tutorial – how to get posts in Gutenberg using REST API and create a select dropdown from these posts.