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MailChimp API 3.0 Working with Interest Groups

Mailchimp API in WordPress

In this tutorial we are going to talk deeply about establishing connection with Mailchimp API using WordPress HTTP API functions.

In our code examples we are going to use wp_remote_get(), wp_remote_post() and wp_remote_request() functions. If you’re looking for cURL examples, here is another tutorial.

How to Sync WordPress User Registrations to Mailchimp

In this tutorial I will show you two different ways how you can sync WordPress user registrations to Mailchimp. The first way is more for developers, we are going to create API requests, the second one – for regular users, so all you have to do is just to install the plugin.

MailChimp API v3.0 Get Lists in PHP

wp_schedule_single_event() – all about scheduling one-time events with working examples

With this function I open the new post series about WordPress Cron. I don’t want to create the common post about all the cron functions, so we will look at each function separately.

pre_user_query tutorial: hiding the user with the exact ID, hiding the users by the role, extending the user search

First of all you should know one important moment. There are two base user query action hooks:

  1. pre_get_users — it fires before WP_User_Query has been parsed and allows you to change some query vars like include, exclude, order, orderby etc.
  2. pre_user_query fires after

How to get the comment author name, email and website from his cookies?

I’m sure there are a lot of things where this function could be helpful. As for me I wanted the following: someone posts a comment on the website and when he goes to contact me page, the respond form would be filled with this data automatically