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Introduce to Stripe API, simple PHP + WordPress example

Mailchimp API Add Subscriber – Code Examples

Previously I did a lot of work with Mailchimp API in PHP while creating my Mailchimp and WordPress sync plugin, so why not share some working and ready code example with you guys.

In this tutorial examples I am going to use PHP and cURL in order to connect to Mailchimp API. I have a tutorial with WordPress examples as well.

Get Images from Instagram with PHP

In this tutorial I will show you how you can interact with Instagram API in PHP and not only that – we’re also going to create and configure an app in “Meta for Developers”.

getting images from instagram with php

How to Search across All Sites in WordPress Multisite Network

Step by step tutorial about creating global search in your Multisite Network.

WordPress Multisite: How to Get all Terms in a One Loop

In this tutorial I am going to talk about how to print all the terms from your multisite network using just one query. It means that we are not going to use swith_to_blog() solution, because there is some disadvantages to it.

  • When you print categories or any other custom taxonomies with the help of switch_to_blog() and get_terms() it will be tough to sort them in a desired way, and usually terms are going to be displayed separated by a site (all terms from Site 1, then all terms from Site 2 etc).
  • There are going to be a lot of SQL queries – for each loop iteration at least.

How to Change Default Tag Meta Box: Make It like Category Meta Box

How to Send Email with Attachments via PHPMailer in WP

I have a lot of questions from my website visitors about «My Plugins» functionality. One of these questions is about email attachments — because when you buy my plugin, you will receive it via email