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How to Turn Off Trackback Spam

I hope you have already configured the spam protection in comments.

Do you still receive spam? Maybe trackback spam?

PageSpeed Insights: Get rid of render-blocking JavaScript and CSS

I think all of you know about Google PageSpeed Insights tool. Please copy your website URL in it and click «Ananalize» just right now

How to Add a Custom Post Status to Quick Edit

I think you can find a lot of good information about status creation in WP. But I didn’t find any notes about how to add a status (custom status, you just created) into inline post edit.

Custom Taxonomy Filter in WordPress Admin

If you have a lot of custom posts on your website, then sometimes it would be much easier to filter them by a specific taxonomy when you manage them in your WordPress admin.

Yes, search is also ok, but maybe a taxonomy filter will be just what you need? Here is how it is going to look like in WordPress admin:

custom taxonomy posts filter in WordPress admin
So here we have a CPT “Lessons” and a custom taxonomy “Courses” connected to it.

Cross-Browser Add to Favorite Button

The Simpliest Way to Create Pure JavaScript Tabs on your Website

How to Save Nav Menu Items Individually (instead of saving the whole menu)