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simple select dropdown field


	'id' => 'my_select_field',
	'label' => 'Label',
	'type' => 'select',
	'placeholder' => 'Select...',
	'options' => array(
		'val1' => 'Option 1',
		'val2' => 'Option 2',


Name Description
id (String) Field id. Required.
label (String) Field label. Required.
default (String) Default predefined value.
class (String|Array) CSS classes, as an array or separated by spaces.
placeholder (String) If specified, will be displayed as a first option with an empty value.
description (String) Some text or HTML that will be displayed after the field.
options (Array) Options as an array in array( option value => option name ) format.
show_if (Array) You can display this field conditionally. In order to do that pass id key and value key with an id and value of any other checkbox, select or radio field the current field should depend on. Read more about conditional logic.