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What apps I use for Web Developing on my MacBook Air

This post is about what Mac OS software I use on a daily basis in my developer work.

August 9, 2016 7

I like to keep things simple. Then I feel really comfortable myself when developing websites. And here is my experience when I switched from using Windows to MacOS (MacBook Air).

You may notice that I still using old MacOS Mavericks. There are some reasons of that but it is the another story.

Here are my apps.

What Mac OSX apps I use for developing

Must-have apps for me

Things Mac OS For me Things is the best program for planning my day. I’m also able to organize my tasks by project, by difficulty and synchronize them with all Apple devices.
Google Chrome It is another must-have app for me. Google Chrome allows me to inspect the code, change it directly in browser and check the results. After that I can just copy the ready code to the file.
I also use ColorPick Eyedropper extension.

I need the other browsers (Safari, Opera, Firefox) just for checking how good the website looks there.

BBEdit When I moved to MacOS I tried so much code editing apps. I even think that I tried all existing apps at that moment (it was 2014 year). And what can I say? BBEdit is just awesome. This app is paid but you can use the free analogue — TextWrangler.
Transmit SFTP/FTP client There would be no website developing without good FTP/SFTP client. And Transmit saved my life. Without this app I’m afraid I may come back to Windows. One of the great features is that it allows to mount any remote server to Finder.
MAMP MAMP is very helpful when you want to develop on your local server, even without internet connection.
POEdit icon PoEdit is a WordPress-specific app. It allows to localize your plugin or theme.

Apps that could be replaced with another ones

The apps that are mentioned under this heading are also great but I think that there could be good alternatives as well.

  • I need Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator when preparing graphics for websites.
  • Everybody knows that Skype and Mail are great apps for communication.
  • I use Mac OS Dashboard widgets as well as currency converter, world time and calculator. I really need it in my work because my clients are from all over the world.
  • Apple Keynote application I use just in a one situation — when I’m preparing the presentation for WordCamp.
  • Currently I’m using Microsoft Office Word and Excel but I plan to move to Mac OS native apps — iWork Pages and Numbers.
  • TeamViewer helps me sometimes when it is so difficult to explain something to client. But more often I use QuickTime to record a video intruction for my clients.
  • Dropbox is very useful for sharing files and storing backup data.

And what apps do you use in your daily work? Please share your experience with others in comments.

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Comments 7

  • Igor FedorovAugust 9, 2016 at 13:08

    Great article

  • Eduard MilushiOctober 12, 2016 at 00:10

    I’m a Windows and Linux user.
    Must have for me are:
    IDE – PhpStorm and Sublime Text
    FTP/SFTP – WinSCP and FileZilla on Linux
    Meld for compare on both Windows and Linux
    Screenpresson for recording videos and Shutter on Linux
    As default browser Google Chrome
    Toggl as time tracker
    and at the end the reason why I use Windows is Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Eduard MilushiOctober 12, 2016 at 19:10

    PhpStorm has support for WordPress, Joomla, Docker, Vagrant, SVN, and much much more.

    I use Notepad++ only when editing single file and not working with large projects.

  • Eduard MilushiOctober 14, 2016 at 15:10

    If you are a pro developer you are not working on 2gb ram, for sure you will have a i7 or i5 with up to 16gb of ram, in such a case it is not have at all. ;)

    • core i7 for what? making lifestyle videos? :) As for me it is much better with core i5, because MacBook works without charging much more longer ;)

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