Website for one of the best cafes in Moscow

ClientKalabasa LLC, Moscow
What I didUI, Front and Back ends
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The story begins in 2012

Pasha and Stasya (the founders of Kalabasa) already had a website in 2012, they contacted me because they needed to add some custom functionality to their website.

2 more projects!

There was only one WordPress blog in 2012, but the next year I coded two online shops from scratch for them.

That times I wasn't familiar with WooCommerce, so I coded cart functionlity, checkout and all that stuff myself.

I have been working with Misha for 5 years or about that, and during this time we made 3 projects, all of them were on high professional level. All functionality was... read more.

Pasha Martukov Co-founder and CEO

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