Responsive Images feature in WordPress

Do you have WordPress 4.4+ installed? All new images inserted in posts after the WP upgrade have scrset attribute then. How scrset and sizes attributes work? srcset ands sizes attributes contain the information to help browser decide which image size/file is the best. What does it mean? scrset: If image width on the page is 300px or less, then browser […]

How to sell products on the website via PayPal

Okay, there are two payment options: Somebody buys something on your website, you receive the notification by email and after that you can ship the product to the customer (or send it by email). Somebody buys something on your website, then the website receives payment notification and automatically send the product to the customer. I think the second […]

Introduce to Stripe API, simple PHP + WordPress example

The example will be a WordPress website where you can buy WordPress plugins (like mine) and where user registration is allowed. Step 1. HTML form. Everything begins with the form, right? Actually there are no required fields (except card information) but you can specify emails for new customers if you want the code to send […]

Mailchimp API 3.0 – PHP and AJAX subscription / unsubscription

Ready to use function which allows you to subscribe an email address to any of your mailchimp lists (with confirmation email or not) or unsubscribe it as well.

Instagram API Pagination – Get more than 20 and more than 33 photos

In this tutorial we will talk about Instagram limitations which do not allow to display more than 20 photos or sometimes more than 33 photos and how to get rid of them.

Get Images from Instagram using PHP

PHP code examples of how to get posts from Instagram by a username or by a tag. With new API support.

Get Photos from Instagram using jQuery

In this tutorial we are going to use jQuery $.ajax to connect to Instagram API and get photos by user or by tag. Works perfectly with the latest API changes.

How to Search across WordPress Multisite Network

In this tutorial I will show you how to implement global search for all the websites in the whole WordPress Multisite Network (post search, post search by custom field value, term search).

WordPress Multisite: How to Get all Terms in a One Loop

It is all about network_get_terms() – a function which allows you to get all the terms across the WordPress Multisite Network in a one foreach loop.

How to Change Default Tag Meta Box: Make It like Category Meta Box

Do you want to display all post tags at once on the post edit page? I will show you how to make this replacement in two easy steps.

How to Send Email with Attachments via PHPMailer in WP

I have a lot of questions from my website visitors about «My Plugins» functionality. One of these questions is about email attachments — because when you buy my plugin, you will receive it via email

How to Turn Off Trackback Spam

I hope you have already configured the spam protection in comments. Do you still receive spam? Maybe trackback spam?

PageSpeed Insights: Get rid of render-blocking JavaScript and CSS

I think all of you know about Google PageSpeed Insights tool. Please copy your website URL in it and click «Ananalize» just right now

How to Add a Custom Post Status to Quick Edit

I think you can find a lot of good information about status creation in WP. But I didn’t find any notes about how to add a status (custom status, you just created) into inline post edit.