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I know that for those who just installed WooCommerce it could be not so obvious where to find certain settings and how to manage them. Usually you can find only advanced coding tutorials on my blog, but I decided to make an exclusion.

Here is how the terms and conditions checkbox is displayed on my WooCommerce checkout page:

Change Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy text on WooCommerce checkout page

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to hide or remove it and how to change the text.

Change "Place order" button text on WooCommerce Checkout page

In this tutorial I am going to show you a couple ways how you can change checkout button text. But please note, that this text can be changed dynamically depending on a payment method selected. We will also cover that below.

How to change the text on the Place Order button in WooCommerce checkout
As you can see I’ve already changed the text to “Submit”

Theoretically if you know about WooCommerce template structure, you can replace button text in this file: templates/checkout/payment.php

But please do not do it, because there is a hook for that. Even two. I will show you both of them.