Redirect to Checkout after Adding Product to Cart

Checkout Validation

I decided to publish a separate tutorial where we are going to talk about WooCommerce checkout form AJAX validation. Some of the fields in this form already has some default validation like email or zip-code validation, I will show you how to turn it off if you wish and how to add some custom validation rules as well.

Reorder Checkout Fields

WordCamp Oslo 2018

At the beginning of 2018 I visited Europe my first time, and I loved it so much! Once I come back to St.Petersburg, I’d begun looking for any possibility to visit Europe again. And this possibility had come.

WordCamp in Norway was a perfection!

Multiple Image Upload Metabox

I had so many requests about multiple image uploads in comments in this tutorial, so I decided to create a separate tutorial specifically about that.

Our goal is to create something like this:

Multiple image upload metabox
So we can not only select multiple images but even sort or delete them after selection.

Guys, there are actually two ways of creating a meta box like that, the first way is an easy-breezy way, but you have to install my Simple Fields plugin first, the second way – is to do everything manually from scratch. But please do not worry, no matter what method you choose, I am going to cover both of them in this tutorial.

Options Pages in Multisite

Are there any Reasons to Use wc_body_class() ?