Add Custom Tabs with Options on “Edit Site” Multisite Settings page

Copy Pages between Sites in Multisite Network

In this tutorial I will show you an easy way to duplicate WordPress pages to any of your sites within a multisite network.

There are different ways to implement that but we going to use WordPress bulk actions.

Copy Pages between Sites within WordPress Multisite network
As an example I decided to use Pages and we do not only copy them, but move between sites. If you need to create duplicates, you will have to change just one line of code.

Update user’s first_name, last_name and email on a WordPress website when the appropriate MailChimp data has been changed

Delete Users from a WordPress Website once they Unsubscribed from a List

MailChimp Webhooks API – both PHP and WordPress integrations

Disable Gutenberg Blocks

Once I decided to use Gutenberg editor for my websites I faced with is the huge amount of default blocks, which is cool of course, but I’m such a minimalist.

In this tutorial I am going to show several ways how you can hide or completely restrict the usage of specific blocks on your website.

Cross-sell products from the Thank You page with a Coupon applied