Bulk Copy and Update Products between WooCommerce Stores

Just another tutorial by your requests guys.

In this one we are about to create a bulk action like on the screenshot below which allows to sync products between two (or multiple) WooCommerce stores.

WooCommerce Copy Products and Products data from one site to another
If a product has already been published on Store 2, then we just update its product data.

Get Post with Featured Image URL in REST API

I noticed that when people read my post about uploading a featured image via WordPress REST API, they are also searching how to get a post with its featured image URL.

So I decided to say a couple words about it.

Create a Post on Site using REST API

I already have a lot of tutorials about working with REST API on regular WordPress websites, but recently I have updated my Simple WordPress Crossposting plugin to make it compatible with websites hosted on as well.

Unexpectedly there is a huge difference between and APIs, so here is the tutorial where we are about to dive into the example of how create a post with a featured image.

Get Product Stock Quantity

In this tutorial I will not only show you how to get stock quantity in WooCommerce (of a product or a product variation by the way) but we will also display it on the shop page. Like this:

displaying only one left in stock on WooCommerce shop page

Create Multiple Posts At Once

What is interesting here is that if you try to google the title of this post you will find a lot of plugins and most of them are outdated and no articles or code examples.

In this tutorial I am going to guide you through the process of bulk creating posts, we will not only create posts or pages automatically, but also try to use the data from Lorem Ipsum generators or Open AI (ChatGPT).

Display Plugin Sidebars and Custom Fields for Specific Page Templates Only

We kind of did the similar thing on my blog, when we restrict displaying <PanelBody> only for specific post types. In this tutorial we are going to do almost the same, but for the condition we take a page template selected for post.

This is an example how it is going to work:

display Gutenberg panels for specific post templates only
So, “Contact page settings” section is visible only if “Contact us” page template is selected.

Creating MetaMask Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Recently I really enjoyed creating a tutorial about signing in to WordPress with MetaMask, so I decided to continue with this topic and today I will show you how you can create a payment gateway for WooCommerce that allows to pay with MetaMask extension.

I also would like to remind that I already have a complete payment gateway tutorial and additionally a tutorial about paying with crypto. So you can check them out as well.

And this how it is going to work on our WooCommerce store:

MetaMask Payment Gateway for WooCommerce
This is what happens when you click Connect wallet (Place order) button on your WooCommerce checkout page.