How to Change URL of a custom post / page / category / tag in theme functions.php. Capitalize URL.

If you read this post, you should know something about WP_Rewrite class. It allows you to change WordPress permalinks rewrite reules, change the structure of them.

In this post I won’t use WP_Rewrite, I just want to show you another way of

Responsive Images feature in WordPress

How to sell products on the website via PayPal

Introduce to Stripe API, simple PHP + WordPress example

Mailchimp API Add Subscriber – Code Examples

Previously I did a lot of work with Mailchimp API in PHP while creating my Mailchimp and WordPress sync plugin, so why not share some working and ready code example with you guys.

In this tutorial examples I am going to use PHP and cURL in order to connect to Mailchimp API. I have a tutorial with WordPress examples as well.

Instagram API Pagination – Get more than 20 and more than 33 photos

Get Images from Instagram using PHP