Developing Decentralized Crypto Payment Gateway

Welcome to a detailed guide about setting up payments on the websites using cryptocurrency. First of all I will explain some basics to you and then we will create our own payment gateway for WooCommerce (it is a eCommerce platform for WordPress).

Create Orders Programmatically

In this tutorial we are going to dive deep into creating an order on your WooCommerce store completely via code. I already have a similar tutorial on my blog where we created a product programmatically.

First things first, you should know a very simple thing – yeah, orders is a WordPress custom post type and no, we can not use wp_insert_post() to create them. We have to use a CRUD layer for that. If it says nothing to you, please be patient, we’re going to dive into it in just a little bit.

Apply Coupons Programmatically

In this tutorial I am going to show so many different ways and conditions how you can apply coupons in WooCommerce.

But the very first thing you have to keep in mind is that coupons can be applied either to products in the cart or to products in an order.

Check if Product is in Cart

In this simple guide I will show how to check in WooCommerce if a product with specific ID is in cart programmatically. We are also going to do it for different types of products and take a look at products with custom cart item data.

Check if Coupon Code Exists

In the previous tutorial we already discussed how to check if a specific coupon is applied to cart or to an order. But in this tutorial I will show you a different thing – how to find out programmatically if coupon with a specific code is actually created in WooCommerce admin.

Check if Coupon is Applied

In this tutorial I am going to cover different ways how you can check if a specific (or any) coupon has previously been added to WooCommerce cart or to a specific order.

Create Coupons Programmatically

The inspiration for this tutorial was another tutorial I found where it was recommended to create WooCommerce coupons using wp_insert_post() function and update_post_meta(). When working with WooCommerce data since 3.0 version it is always recommended to use CRUD objects. And coupons are not an exception.

In order to create a coupon programmatically in code we have to use WC_Coupon object. Once the object is created we are able to use its methods for coupon configuration.

Let’s do it and begin with something simple.