Template Files for Product Category and Product Tag Pages

WooCommerce uses a different template structure for its default pages, in this tutorial you will be surprised what files it uses for product category and tag archive pages.

What PHP file does WooCommerce Shop Page use?

Sometimes it can be unclear what WordPress theme files are going to be used for WooCommerce pages. Let’s figure it out!

How to Hide Out of Stock Products

In this tutorial I will show you not only how to hide out of stock items all over the website but also only in specific sections, like Related products.

2 Ways to Change “You may also like”, “Related products” and “You may be interested in” headings

Yes, in this tutorial I would like to show you how to change the default headings of related products, upsells and cross sells sections.

Change or Remove Sale Badge

WooCommerce has a default “Sale!” badge which is automatically added to products which are on sale. In this tutorial I will show a correct way of removing or changing it.

How to Get Number of Items in the Cart

In this tutorial I am going to show you not only how to print the number of items in the cart but also how to process plural forms (1 product, 2 products) and what to do if AJAX add to cart buttons are enabled.

How to Get WooCommerce Default Page URLs Dynamically

When you install WooCommerce plugin, it automatically creates system pages – Cart, Checkout, My Account, Shop and a bunch of endpoints. In this tutorial I will show you the correct way to get URLs of these pages.

Hide Marketplace Suggestions in WooCommerce

Since version 3.6 WooCommerce started to recommend the extensions from woocommerce.com on its admin screens. I really hope that it will be cut off in the next versions, but if it doesn’t, you can always use this tutorial to remove them.

Remove Unwanted Widgets in WooCommerce

In this tutorial you will find a list of default WooCommerce widgets class names, so you can unregister any of them easily.

How to Safely Remove Product Tags in WooCommerce

Product tags – is a custom taxonomy created by WooCommerce. The thing is that it is partly hardcoded, if you would try to deregister it, something can go wrong. So we are going to hide the products tags everywhere! No CSS of course.

Product Types Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show how to remove or rename a product type and also we will create a custom product type.

Remove Virtual and Downloadable from WooCommerce admin

In this tutorial I will show you two things – how to remove Virtual and Downloadable checkboxes from the Product data metabox and how to remove them from Product type filter on the All products page without any CSS of course.

Get Plan Statuses in WooCommerce Memberships

I was working with my MailChimp plugin recently and I noticed that there is no documentation anywhere about how to get all the available membership statuses in WooCommerce Memberships.

How to Create Gutenberg Sidebars using only PHP

In my previous tutorial we talked about creating Gutenberg plugin sidebars and now I decided to make it a part of my plugin, so you can create sidebars easily with a couple lines of PHP code