WordPress Plugins

I created these plugins just to make a developer life a little simpler.

WordPress Meta Boxes, Taxonomy Settings and Options Pages

The Great Time Saver – this plugin allows you to create metaboxes for posts, settings for taxonomy terms and custom option pages without affecting the website performance!

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MailChimp Sync for User Roles and WooCommerce Memberships

Automatically subscribes/unsubscribes users to your MailChimp lists, depending on User Role (or Membership Plan).

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Get Posts or Terms from All Blogs in Multisite Network

How to query all posts or terms in a single loop within WordPress Multisite install. With working pagination.

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Instagram Widget and Shortcode

This WordPress plugin allows you to add a widget with Instagram photos to your website. Plugin can get photos by any hashtag or by any user. No token required!

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