Simple Variation Swatches

This WooCommerce extension allows to display color swatches or custom images instead of standard select drop-downs on variable product pages.

Simple Cart Autoupdate

This lightweight WooCommerce plugin allows to automatically update cart when the product quantity is changed. Also removes the default “Update cart” button.

Simple Crypto Gateway for WooCommerce

Start accepting cryptocurrency on your WooCommerce store. Truly decentralized. Peer to peer transactions without 3rd party services.

Simple WordPress Crossposting

The plugin allows to post to multiple WordPress sites at once and then you can sync the content of published posts, pages or custom types between these sites.

Simple Inventory Sync

This WooCommerce stock synchronization plugin allows you to sync the stock quantity of the products (and variations) with the same SKU between different stores.

Multisite Indexer

How to query all posts or terms in a single loop within WordPress Multisite install. With working pagination.

Simple Multisite Crossposting

Publish posts, pages or custom post types to multiple sites in your multisite network at once and sync them. In other words it is a plugin for shared content between sites.

Simple Mailchimp Sync

Sync WordPress users with Mailchimp audiences depending on their user roles or WooCommerce Memberships plan statuses. Connect tags and audience fields with ease.

Simple Fields

Allows to create easily settings pages and meta fields for posts, taxonomy terms, comments and users. Gutenberg sidebars are supported. Super-fast and minimalist plugin.

Checkout Specific Products

This plugin allows you to use WooCommerce checkout for certain products almost anywhere: product pages, articles or custom page templates and even landing pages created with visual page builders.