Simple Multisite Crossposting

Publish posts, pages or custom post types to multiple sites in your multisite network at once and sync them. In other words it is a plugin for shared content between sites.

Multisite Indexer

How to query all posts or terms in a single loop within WordPress Multisite install. With working pagination.

Multisite Order Sync for WooCommerce

Sync orders from different sub-stores of a WordPress multisite network to a single store. It also lets you manage all the network orders in a one place and sync the changes back to sub-stores.

Simple WordPress Crossposting

The plugin allows not only to post to multiple WordPress sites at once but also to sync content between sites. Custom fields, post types and WooCommerce products are fully supported.

Gutenberg Carousel Slider block plugin

Simple Carousel Block

Minimalist carousel slider block for Gutenberg Block Editor that allows you to easily create customisable client logos carousels, testimonial sliders and so on.

Gutenberg Google Maps block plugin

Simple Map Block

This Gutenberg Google Maps block allows you to not only embed Google Maps on your site but configure map styles, its width and height and add multiple markers.

Simple Inventory Sync

This WooCommerce stock synchronisation plugin allows you to sync the stock quantity of the products (and variations) with the same SKU between different stores.

Duplicate SKU Stock Sync

Sync stock between products and product variations with the same SKU automatically within a single WooCommerce store.

Simple Mailchimp Sync

Sync WordPress users with Mailchimp audiences depending on their user roles or WooCommerce Memberships plan statuses. Connect tags and audience fields with ease.

Simple Variation Swatches

This WooCommerce extension allows to display color swatches or custom images instead of standard select drop-downs on variable product pages.

Simple User Sync

The plugin allows to automatically create users on multiple WordPress websites and then sync their profile changes between selected sites.

Simple Fields

Allows to create easily settings pages and meta fields for posts, taxonomy terms, comments and users. Gutenberg sidebars are supported. Super-fast and minimalist plugin.