How it Works

The normal WooCommerce flow is:

  1. Customers go to the single product
  2. Click add to cart
  3. Go to the cart page
  4. And only then go to checkout

My “Checkout Specific Products for WooCommerce” allows to alter this whole process and simplify it to just one simple step.

  1. Customers go to a page which at the same time contains both the product description and the checkout!

How to Use

In order to use the plugin first of all you have to decide what page are you going to use as a custom checkout page for specific product(s). Once you do that, add [woocommerce_checkout] shortcode to this page (or maybe a checkout Gutenberg block) and specify the product (or variation) IDs within a meta box or post settings.

For Gutenberg block editor:

Checkout specific products in Gutenberg block editor

For Classic Editor:

checkout specific products in classic editor

Where to get a product ID?

Yes, I know, I could make a search field with a dropdown product list inside the meta box, but my main goal was to make the plugin as simple and fast as possible.

So I decide that it is ok to specify product IDs manually. It is not that difficult to just open All Products page and find the IDs there.

How to get WooCommerce product IDs
As you can see on the screenshot, product IDs are 35, 34 and 33.

Where to get a variation ID?

Variable products are also supported but in this case you have to pass a variation ID.

how to get a variation ID
As you can see on the screenshot, variation IDs are 36, 29, 30 and 31.

How to allow only specific post types for a custom checkout

It can be easily done in plugin settings.

allow specific post types for custom checkouts in plugin settings