1. Install and activate the plugin

First of all just go ahead and activate the plugin on your website:

How to activate stock sync plugin on a WooCommerce store

2. Automatically sync stock of the products with the same SKU

No more configuration needed – the plugin will do automatic stock synchronisation of the products (and product variations) with the same SKU.

It triggers automatically in the following cases:

  • Product has been purchased (an order has been created),
  • The product stock levels has been restored (an order has been refunded),
  • Product has been updated manually in the WordPress dashboard,
  • Bulk restock feature has been used.

You don’t have to worry anymore about overselling or manually updating inventory for each product with a duplicate SKU.

3. Manually restock specific products

There is also a “Bulk stock sync” feature which you can use to easily update the stock of the products with the same SKU without searching for them or going into the edit product page.

All you need to do is to select the products you need to sync stock for from the product list and hit “Restock the same SKU products” bulk action.