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Instagram Widget and Shortcode

This plugin allows you to add a widget to your website with Instagram photos. Plugin can get photos by a hashtag or by a user.

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You can configure your own Instagram widget in Appearance > Widgets.In plugin setting (Settings > Instagram widget) you can choose the colors and turn on the lightbox.Instagram widget with infinity scroll and fullwidth photos.Get Instagram photos by multiple tags.You can insert shortcode if you click on a special shortcode button on post editor panel (small instagram icon).Lightbox example - it looks like a Polaroid picture and it is also fully responsive.
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  • Get photos by a tag or by a username
  • Multiple tags are allowed
  • Support of latest Instagram API changes
  • Load more photos on scroll
  • 100% responsive
  • Open photos and videos from Instagram on your website in a lightbox
  • Just install and use! No authorization / No Client ID / No Access Token

You will be able to display Instagram photos on your website via a widget or via a shortcode without access token and without creation an application.

Widgets #

I think WordPress widgets are the simplest way of using this plugin. Depending on your theme, widgets can be shown in your website sidebar, footer and in fact anywhere else.

It is very simple to configure, just go in your admin dashboard to Appearance > Widgets.

If you can not find «Widgets» link it may happen if your WordPress theme doesn’t support widgets. But it is not a problem at all — just use shortcodes instead or you can contact me and I will help you anyway.

You can configure your own Instagram widget in Appearance > Widgets.
You can see on this screenshot, that widget contains only necessary settings.
Nearby is the example of displaying widget with this configuration as well.

Shortcodes #

Shortcode is a small piece of code that allows you to display Instagram photos directly in the content of your posts.

On the same page you can use as much shortcodes as you want!

You do not need additional knowledge — shortcodes are generated automatically with the help of the button in the post editor. All you need to do is just to place a cursor in the place where you want to insert a shortcode and click the button.

You can insert shortcode if you click on a special shortcode button  on post editor panel (small instagram icon).
After clicking «Insert Instagram Shortcode» button in editor, the popup with shortcode configuration will appear.

You can also do it manually with the following parameters.

[true_instagram user="rudrastyh" tag="" heading="yes" scroll="yes" w="400px" h="430px" size="medium"]
Instagram username.
Hashtag(s). Separate multimple hashtags by a comma.
If you want to show or hide the heading of the widget.
If you want to enable infinity scrolling.
Widget width.
Widget height.
The size of images: small, medium, large, xlarge.

Plugin Options #

You will find the options page under Settings > Instagram widget. Only settings that will make you life easier — as simple as it could be.

In plugin setting (Settings > Instagram widget) you can choose the colors and turn on the lightbox.

Money Back Guarantee!

If for some reason the plugin wouldn’t work on your website – please let me help you to fix it, if I can't, I will simply return your money.

5.1.1 – Nov 10, 2016

  • Fixed: Console errors.

5.1 – Aug 20, 2016

  • Some improvements in plugin localization.
  • Optimized the process of enqueuing scripts — no need to refresh browser cache after installing the plugin new version.

5.0 – Aug 19, 2016

  • Changed: video icon
  • Photo preloader is the same width gray background, like on Instagram itself.
  • Media and followers counts are displayed more correctly now.
  • Videos in Lightbox can be paused now.
  • Fixed: hashtag uppercase bug.

4.7.3 – June 17, 2016

  • Fixed problem with displaying by a tag, when only a few photos / videos found.


  • Small changes and code impovements.


  • Bug fixed with displaying photos by hashtag(s).


  • Access Token is not required by the plugin anymore.


  • Popup window improvements. Simplified. No fancybox or another external lightbox scripts now.
  • Some changes in plugin update mechanism.


  • Popup window is responsive now.
  • Popup Fancybox window now works with videos.


  • Fixed console error in FancyBox.


  • Important! Now the plugin works with the support of new Instagram API changes from 17 November 2015. This update is required. Old API will work only until June 2016.
  • Support for non-square images.
  • Fixed layout bug in Opera.


  • The widget was completely redesigned. It is also responsive.
  • You can now get photos of a certain user filtered by a hashtag.
  • Multiple hashtags support.
  • Infinity scroll.


  • Widget now supports WordPress caching plugins like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache.
  • You can specify the tags with # symbol or without it.


  • You can now get photos by a username (not by a user ID as it was before).


  • Fixed shortcode bug.


  • Added the photos and followers count below the widget title.
  • Critical error has been fixed.
  • Widget CSS has been minified.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Added a button into TinyMCE editor. It allows you to insert shortcode easily.
  • You can specify your own App ID and App Secret in the plugin options.


  • Important changes with plugin update script.
  • Localization update.


  • Now this plugin can be translated to different languages.
  • Bug fixes.


  • User search works correctly now.


  • Fancybox fix.
  • Fixed the broken link to plugin settings.

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