MailChimp Sync for User Roles and WooCommerce Memberships

Automatically subscribes/unsubscribes users to your MailChimp lists, depending on User Role (or Membership Plan).

Connect User Roles to MailChimp Lists

When someone registers on your website, he'll be automatically added to a specific MailChimp list connected to his user role. All user profile updates sync automatically as well.

Sync WordPress User Roles with Lists and Groups

Interest Groups

The plugin fits for you even if you don't use a lot of lists but only a single list with groups.

sync MailChimp interest groups with WordPress

WooCommerce Memberships Support

Each status of each WooCommerce Memberships plan can be synchronized with the specific Mailchimp list.

sync your WooCommerce members with MailChimp

Mass Resynchronization

What if your website already has users? This is the simplest way to sync them all just in one click.

Mass Sync WordPress Users with MailChimp Lists


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Sync WordPress User Roles with Lists and Groups

Connect MailChimp with your WordPress Website

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Get the plugin

Install and Configure

After purchasing my plugin you can immediately download it and at the same moment it will be sent to you by email as well. Don’t unzip it, just in WordPress dashboard go to Plugins > Add New and click the Upload Plugin button on this page.

Once you activate the plugin you will see this message:

MailChimp API key is required

Click on the link in this message or just go to Settings > MailChimp Sync (Settings tab).

Just copy your MailChimp API key to start the synchronization. Please notice that your API key is protected - it is not fully visible on the settings page.

Have problems with obtaining MailChimp API keys? Look at this step-by-step tutorial.

That’s all. To confugire the plugin — go to the Roles tab or to a specific membership plan edit page.

Each WordPress user role can be synchronized with the different MailChimp list. Group Interests are supported as well.

If you click Assign Interests button, the popup with all list interests will appear.

Groups of Interest in MailChimp
Just choose the interests you want to add to a user with a specific role.

Memberships can be configured in menu WooCommerce > Memberships. Just go to Membership Plans tab and then select MailChimp Sync subtab.

If WooCommerce Memberships is installed on your website, you can configure MailChimp synchronization just in plan settings.

How it works

I was inspired to create this plugin when I worked with membership website of Marin Katusa. At that moment the website had 3 Lists in its MailChimp account — Free Newsletter, Premium Subscribers and Lapsed Premium Subscribers. The key features were:

I think the best way to describe how the plugin works is with this table:

Trigger Action
User was registered. User email will be subscribed to a specific MailChimp list connected to his user role.
User was added manually in admin area.
User was registered in the custom code, using wp_insert_user(), wp_create_user() or register_new_user() functions.
Personal information (First name, Last name, Email) was updated by the user himself or by the administrator. The information will be updated in MailChimp automatically. Both for lists connected to user roles and for lists connected to membership plan statuses.
Personal information was updated in the code via wp_update_user() function.
User role was changed in admin area or in the code with wp_update_user() function. User email will be unsubscribed from the list connected to his previous role and subscribed to a list, connected to the new role. If new user role isn’t connected to a list, user just will be removed from MailChimp.
Both user role and user email were changed at the same time Old user email will be removed from the MailChimp list, connected to his old role and new user email will be subscribed to the list connected to the new role.
User was removed His email will be unsubscribed from the list connected to his role
User signs up for a membership plan. His email will be subscribed to the list connected to the current status of his membership plan
Membership was added manually to a user.
User Membership expired. The user email will be removed from the list connected to «Active» plan status and added to a list, connected to the «Expired» status. If you use just one list with groups, only groups will be changed.
Membership was removed. The member email will unsubscribed from all lists, connected to any status of the removed membership.
Trigger Action


4.2.4 – Aug 10, 2018

4.2.3 – Jul 24, 2018

4.2.2 – May 12, 2018

4.2.1 – Apr 28, 2018

4.2 – Mar 28, 2018

4.1 – Mar 9, 2018

4.0 – Feb 18, 2018

3.0.2 – Feb 10, 2018

3.0 – Mar 17, 2017

2.2 – Oct 16, 2016

2.0 – July 8, 2016

1.0 – May 31, 2016

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Some of the companies that use this plugin

Katusa Research (Canada, Vancouver)BrandNewMedia (Dehmark, Odense C)Spark (New Zealand, Wellington)Shell V-Power Racing Team (Australia, Stapylton)
Folio Creative (Australia, Sydney)Digitalist (Denmark, Kolding)VERSEC (United Kingdom, St Albans)

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