How to start accepting cryptocurrencies on your website?

1. Configure the plugin

First of all you have to install and activate the plugin on your WooCommerce website. Once you do that please go to WooCommerce > Settings and then Payments tab.

activate cryptocurrency payment method on your WooCommerce store

Then – just a little configuration of the plugin. All you have to do is to provide a cryptocurrency wallet address where you would like to receive the money.

cryptocurrency payment plugin settings

2. The payment process

Once the payment method is turned on and configured it will automatically appear in your shop checkout. Its name here is “Tether” but of course you can rename it in plugin settings.

WooCommerce checkout with the cryptocurrency payment method activated

After placing their orders customers will be redirected to “Order received” page (as usual) but you can see that there is a “Send payment” section appear. That’s the time for the customers to send the crypto with any cryptocurrency wallet they are using.

WooCommerce order is paid with crypto

When customer sends cryptocurrency to the given wallet address:

  1. The order will be marked as “Processing” once the crypto are sent.
  2. The order will be marked as “Completed” once the crypto transaction has been confirmed in the crypto network (usually it takes a couple of minutes).