How it works

1. Install and activate the plugin

Once you purchased the plugin, you can download it from the “Thank you” page, or from the Members’s Area.

In your website admin area please go to Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin. Then please click the “Activate” button. Make sure as well that you have WooCommerce installed.

activate simple variation swatches for WooCommerce

2. Configure product attributes

The next step is to configure your shop product attributes. Whether you already have attributes or in case you’re configuring your WooCommerce shop for the first time – both cases will work out well.

Please go to Products > Attributes and either create a new attribute or edit an existing one. All you have to do is to choose the attribute type (Select, Image, Color, Label). After that you can set color or upload images for the terms of this specific attribute.

How you can do it is described in the video below:

Below is how different attribute types look on the variable product pages.

Color type:

you can use color swatches for product variations

Label type:

labels as variation swatches

Image type:

use images as a variation switcher

3. Enjoy the plugin

Expected more steps? 😎 The idea of the plugin is to make it as simple as possible. Of course, you can always request some additional functionality.