So, How to Post to Multiple WordPress Sites at Once

First of all you have to install and activate the plugin only on one website – the main website from which you are going to crosspost the content to the other sites.

The next step is to add the websites you are going to share the content to in plugin settings.

1. Add sites you would like to post to in plugin settings

Please go to Settings > Crosspost and then navigate to the Sites tab. Here you can add an unlimited amount of WordPress websites you are going to sync posts between.

add a WordPress site for crossposting in plugin settings

In order to add a website you have to provide:

  • Website URL – you can type it in any format – with https:// or http:// or without, it doesn’t really matter, because in the end your website should be available at https://, so please double check that it has SSL certificate.
  • Login – it is your username on that website. Actually it can be any user who has all the necessary capabilities to publish or update posts. For this specific user you should also create an application password.
  • Application Password – it is not a user password, keep that in mind. But it can be easily created in user profile settings, more info here.

In case you have an error adding a website, please double check that REST API is turned on. Usually it is turned on by default, but your website developer or some plugin could turn if off for some reason. Just type in browser: your-website-url/wp-json to check it. Or you can contact me via the support page – I am always here to help.

2. Configure what post types you would to crosspost (Optional)

It is completely optional step but I would like to make a small overview of the plugin General tab settings page.

WordPress crossposting plugin settings

So here you can:

  • Decide what post types are allowed to be shared between WordPress sites. If Allowed Post Types field is empty, the plugin is going to turn on all the publicly registered post types. So, if you do not need for example Pages or CPT to be crossposted, you can just type post here.
  • Sometimes you do not need the posts to be published on other websites right away. So that’s why I have added a checkbox Post Status Change, which allows to copy the posts as drafts.
  • My plugin also allows to automatically remove the posts from all sites they were published to if they have been removed from the main website. This option is turned off by default, but you can turn if on.
  • The last but not least, you can also turn on the option that allows to copy to other sites all the post images (by default only featured image is copied, as for images in posts plugin uses their original URLs for a performance reason).

3. Select the sites you would like to post to when creating or updating a post

So here we are. The plugin is configured. Enjoy.

WordPress sync posts between sites