We created an online delivery website for restaurant and cake shop in Moscow.



about the project

This project birth was during the lockdown in 2020. Our goal was to create a ecommerce store, so everyone could order food delivery from the restaurant. The website should be super-simple, mobile-friendly and ready for daily usage.

It was decided to use WooCommerce platform as a core of the project because of its flexibility and because it allows to save tons of time when developing a store. And back then we didn't have that time at all, the website must be ready within 2 weeks.


What do you usually use to order food delivery? I guess it is an app in your smartphone, in most cases.

So our main priority was to create minimalist and easy-to-use responsive design which is as good as an app.

Kalabasa mobile website
Kalabasa cart design
Kalabasa custom functionality

the same pages on desktop

Less is more. I love when clients share my concepts of minimalism.

Though creating a minimalist website could bring you some challenges. One of them was adding “Add to cart” buttons to the shop page while keeping it clean and minimalist. Look at the screenshots below to find out how we did it.

Kalabasa Product Page Design
Kalabasa shopping cart design
Kalabasa reserve table page

Thanks for watching ;)

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