How to Use the WordPress Migration Query Tool

This tool is intended to help you change a domain in WordPress database in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is to provide:

After that – generate the migration query and run it in your WordPress database.

If you faced any difficulties moving your WordPress site from one domain to another, or just want to make sure that everything is configured nice and safe for SEO, or maybe you need any kind of custom development, me and my team are here for you.

How to use SQL generator tool for WordPress Multisite

You can use this tool for websites with WordPress multisite network installed, though you will need to keep some things in mind:

How to Run SQL Query in WordPress

In order to change WordPress URL in MySQL database we need to run the queries we generated before for this specific database.

First thing first, you need to open a database you need, preferably in phpMyAdmin tool, you can find it in your hosting panel, but depending on the hosting you’re using it can be in different places.

how to find phpmyadmin in cpanel
If cPanel is installed on your hosting you can find the phpMyAdmin tool pretty easily.

Then just select a database and run our WordPress migration query on the “SQL” tab:

how to change WordPress url in MySQL database
Just run these SQL queries to change a WordPress website domain.