ACF fields are Empty on Crossposted Posts (Gutenberg)

The Issue

The issue described here is related to Advanced Custom Fields plugin when it is used inappropriately with Gutenberg editor.

Many of us get used to ACF on our projects. But the Gutenberg has come. After that we have two correct ways – to install Classic Editor plugin and continue using ACF or stop using ACF and move meta fields to Gutenberg sidebars or even blocks.

Anyway there are still many of us who are trying to get everything from WordPress backward compatibility and to combine both ACF and Gutenberg in one place which leads to issues and to bloated UI.

acf fields in gutenberg
Fields created with Advanced Custom Fields plugin are displayed at the bottom of the Gutenberg editor. It is probably okay if you have just a couple of them, but if you have many, the UI will become quite messy.

The issue itself – ACF fields added to Gutenberg editor do have empty values on posts that are crossposted to other websites. But if you’re updating an existing post, everything probably be fine.

One more thing – if the issue happens only for image fields, please read this.

The Solution

1. Is it Possible to Use ACF Fields Correctly on Your Project?

Just to double check.

Maybe it is still possible to use Gutenberg-compatible meta fields and blocks on your project? It is not that difficult as you think. Or to switch to a Classic Editor as an option.

Not possible for your project? It is okay, just move to the next step.

2. Make Sure that ACF Fields on All Websites Has the Same Names

It is quite obvious but I think I have to remind you about that.

ACF field name

The easiest way to achieve that is to create fields on one website of your WordPress Multisite Network and then to use ACF Export/Import Field Groups tool.

ACF Import Export field Groups

3. Install a Special Add-on

I understand that sometimes it is not possible to make some major changes on a project, so I created an add-on for you, that fixes this issue with ACF fields.

You can download it, after that upload it on your website and Network activate it. That’s all!

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