Reusable Blocks Get Broken after Crossposting

Please look on the screenshot below in order to understand clearly what I mean:

broken block in Gutenberg editor

If you’re using Reusable Blocks on your website and faced with an issue like this, first of all I recommend you to consider using Block Patters. At least because Block Patterns are faster than Reusable Blocks. If it is impossible for your website, then please read this guide carefully.

First of all please check, that your are using 2.0 or above version of the plugin. If you don’t, you can upgrade from Network Admin > Plugins or download the fresh version in Member’s area.

Go to Network Admin > Settings > Crosspost and add wp_block there in a list of allowed post types.

allow reusable blocks post type for crossposting
Please add it here on a new line. You will have to specify the other post types here as well.

Once you do that, please crosspost the specific Reusable Blocks you’re going to use in posts for multiple sites in a network. You have to do it for every reusable block, yes.

how to crosspost to multiple sites WordPress reusable blocks

That’s actually all. Now feel free to use Reusable Blocks in posts.

Please check the video below if something is still unclear for you.

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