Categories, tags or custom terms are crossposted to other sites in lower case

By default the plugin is intended to crosspost posts (of any type) within a WordPress Multisite Network. So it wasn’t created for taxonomy terms. Why the terms hasn’t been added to the plugin by default? The answer is – to win in performance.

The are two options in this case.

Option 1. Create the terms on subsite in advance, before doing crossposting

By default the plugin works with terms slugs. When you crosspost a post with some terms to another network site, the plugin checks if the terms with the same slugs exist there.

But you still have another option.

Option 2. Install an add-on for terms

But by your requests I created an add-on that allows to crosspost terms as well in case they don’t exist on subsites. Just install and network activate it.

Download Simple Multisite Crossposting – Terms 1.7

One more thing. If a term was crossposted to multiple subsites with its post and later the term on the main website has been changed, the changes won’t be applied to term copies on sub-sites (in terms of performance once again). But you can turn on term syncing with this line of code (should be also network activated).

add_filter( 'rudr_crosspost_terms_allow_updates', '__return_true' );

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