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Misha Rudrastyh

Misha Rudrastyh

I love WordPress, WooCommerce and Gutenberg so much. 10 yrs of experience.

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How to Change Comment Parent ID in /wp-admin/ ?

It is just a normal situation when website visitors do not care where to leave comments and they do not want to reply to their own comment threads. But what if you’re a perfectionist and you really want to move those comments to the place where they should be. But what to do if WordPress doesn’t have any build-in functionality for it?

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Bulk Edit in 2 Steps

In this small step by step tutorial we will add our custom input text field and the checkbox to WordPress bulk edit menu.

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Quick Edit Tutorial

I know that usually making changes in Quick Edit menu is not necessary but this option can save you so much time. Especially if you connect it with bulk edit feature.

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