All about the WordPress Admin area customization.

3 Ways to Add Notification Counter Bubbles to WordPress Admin Menu

When I created a plugin support area on my website I wanted a notification bubble to appear near the “Tickets” menu in my WordPress admin when there are any unreplied tickets, that’s how I dived deep into this topic and now I am going to share my experience with you.

Custom Gallery Metabox

Sometimes you need a slider, sometimes a gallery on your single posts pages, but how to attach images? WordPress default way doesn’t convenient – what if you would like to attach the same image to different posts?

Add Custom Tabs with Options on “Edit Site” Multisite Settings page

If you navigate to "All Sites" in Multisite Dashboard and click "Edit" for any website, you will see Info, Users, Themes and Settings tabs. In this tutorial we create a custom one.

Moving Posts between Sites in Multisite Network

Not only posts though, I will show you how to copy or move pages or custom post types from one site to another.

Removing Default Gutenberg Blocks

In this tutorial I will show you a super-simple way to remove any of the default Gutenberg blocks from the inserter.

Personal Data Exporters and Erasers

These two tools appeared in WordPress 4.9.6, and I’m going to take a closer look on both of them and try to customise for our needs with build-in hooks.

Better way to handle WordPress Dashboard widgets with options

On the previous week I published the tutorial about creating and removing custom dashboard widgets for WordPress Multisite install. I decided to continue with this topic and to publish more rad stuff on it.

Dashboard Widgets for Multisite

Adding or removing multisite dashboard widgets is very similar to non-multisite dashboard widgets, but there are some things you should know.

Everything about plugin_action_links and plugin_row_meta

Simple but useful hooks for WordPress developers. When I needed these hooks for my plugins, I couldn’t find any good tutorials, so I decided to create the one.

Columns in WooCommerce

This tutorial is all about columns on WooCommerce-related admin pages: Products, Orders, Users, Product categories and tags and even Memberships.

How to Change Comment Parent ID in /wp-admin/ ?

It is just a normal situation when website visitors do not care where to leave comments and they do not want to reply to their own comment threads. But what if you’re a perfectionist and you really want to move those comments to the place where they should be. But what to do if WordPress doesn’t have any build-in functionality for it?

Custom Bulk Actions

In this tutorial I will show you how to add custom bulk actions to posts, pages, taxonomies, attachments comments, plugins and users.

Bulk Edit in 2 Steps

In this small step by step tutorial we will add our custom input text field and the checkbox to WordPress bulk edit menu.

Quick Edit Tutorial

I know that usually making changes in Quick Edit menu is not necessary but this option can save you so much time. Especially if you connect it with bulk edit feature.

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