All about the WordPress Admin area customization.

Featured Images in Quick Edit

There are not so much tutorials about tweaking the Quick Edit in WordPress. But is is a very useful function that can save you enough time. So, now we will add a quick featured image option based on WordPress default uploader.

Gutenberg is … Awesome

Before I begin, I want to share with you my editor experience – I’ve been writing posts for my blogs for over 5 years and all that time I use WordPress editor with HTML active tab.

How to Manage Posts from All Sites in Multisite Dashboard in one place

Usually I do not create posts to describe features of my plugins but many people asked me about that, so, why not.

Add New Fields to the Order Details Metabox

In my previous tutorial I explained how to add custom checkout fields. Now let’s add these fields to the Order Details metabox in admin area.

Add ID and Parent Comment ID Columns to the Comments Table in /wp-admin

Maybe I used an incorrect search query in Google but I didn’t find any information on this. There is lot of information about columns to posts, to users, but nothing about comments. I will show you how to remove columns as well.

How to use Select2 for your Meta Boxes. Creating AJAX-based Posts Dropdown with Search.

A couple days ago I added to my plugin some types of inputs that allow to multiple select posts and categories. But what if you have thousands of posts? The dropdown AJAX search is also supported. And now I want to share with you how to do it.

Filter Posts and Media Files by a Custom Date Range in Admin Area with no plugins

This tutorial is similar to my tutorial about duplicating posts – all you need is just to copy and paste the code to your functions.php

Day 4. WordPress Secure Administration

Today I will show you the most simple security tips. But do not be upset, they are as much important as the others.

How to add a Sortable User Registration Date Column to the All Users page

This is very useful WordPress feature and I was a little surprised when I didn’t find ready to use code anywhere.

How to to Add a Custom Media Uploader Button in WordPress Admin

In this post I will show you how to create beautiful, simple and customizable media uploader for your WordPress website.

Filter posts by author in WordPress admin area

Maybe you have already read the post about custom taxonomy filter on my blog. And now I will show you how to create the same filter by the authors. The filter will work not only for posts but also for pages and custom post types. Here it is: This code is for your current theme functions.php file:

How to Change Default Tag Meta Box: Make It like Category Meta Box

Do you want to display all post tags at once on the post edit page? I will show you how to make this replacement in two easy steps.

How to Add a Custom Post Status to Quick Edit

I think you can find a lot of good information about status creation in WP. But I didn’t find any notes about how to add a status (custom status, you just created) into inline post edit.

Simple Posts Filter by Custom Taxonomy in WP Admin Without Plugins

Okay, what if you have a lot of posts (or maybe custom post type posts) on your blog? How do you manage them in your admin panel? You use search for that, don’t you? Let me show you a very simple code example, which will add on your posts page a filter by taxonomy terms […]