All about WooCommerce Cart page customization – hook the cart content, change the page design and layout.

Add Product to Cart Programmatically

In this tutorial I will show you some simple PHP code examples which allow to add a product or a product variation to the cart in WooCommerce.

Remove “Update Cart” button and Do It Automatically on Quantity Change

It is just a tiny thing but sometimes it can confuse your website customers. Because by default when you change the product quantity in WooCommerce cart, the cart won’t be updated until you smash the Update cart button.

How to Get Number of Items in the Cart

In this tutorial I am going to show you not only how to print the number of items in the cart but also how to process plural forms (1 product, 2 products) and what to do if AJAX add to cart buttons are enabled.

Add Text Before and After Add to Cart

Recently I worked on some clients projects and decided to write a complete tutorial about before and after Add to Cart hooks.

WooCommerce Redirect to Checkout when a Product has been Added to the Cart

Simple and complete solution on how to configure your WooCommerce store, so the customers can skip the cart and go straight to the checkout page.

Change Prices of Items added to Cart in WooCommerce

Sometimes we have to recalculate product prices and their totals when products are already added to the cart depending on some condition.