Some tutorials to help you to improve and customize your WordPress Comments. Creating AJAX comments with infinite scrolling as well.

How to Change Comment Parent ID in /wp-admin/ ?

It is just a normal situation when website visitors do not care where to leave comments and they do not want to reply to their own comment threads. But what if you’re a perfectionist and you really want to move those comments to the place where they should be. But what to do if WordPress doesn’t have any build-in functionality for it?

Comments Load More. With Button or Infinity Scroll. No plugins used.

Before publishing any post I’m always searching how many ready solutions are exist. And I was very surprised when I didn’t find any tutorials about creating load more button for comments.

Add ID and Parent Comment ID Columns to the Comments Table in /wp-admin

Maybe I used an incorrect search query in Google but I didn’t find any information on this. There is lot of information about columns to posts, to users, but nothing about comments. I will show you how to remove columns as well.

Comment Submission Without Page Refresh. No Plugins Used.

I use AJAX comments on my websites since 2012 and that’s what I’m sure the AJAX comment submission makes users happy.

2 Ways to Get Comment Depth

I noticed that WordPress core does not have a function to get or to print depth level of a comment. WorPress database also doesn’t contain any information about comment depth (only ID of a parent comment). So, what to do?