My Account

WooCommerce My Account page is the system page where all customer orders, addresses and account details are displayed. Below are the tutorials which help you to customize this page.

Billing and Shipping Address Fields

WooCommerce has 4 different filter hooks which allow to manage the address fields, let’s figure out when and how to use each of them.

Add a Field to WooCommerce Registration Form

In this tutorial we will add an input field into the registration form and configure a custom validation for it. Without plugins or changing WooCommerce templates 🙌

My Account Fields

First of all we will make one of the edit account default fields optional, then we are going to remove it completely and after that I will show how to add a custom field there.

How to Remove Dashboard from WooCommerce My Account Menu

In this tutorial I will show not only how to remove a menu link (it is easy-breezy), but also how to redirect correcly to another my account subpage.

The correct way to Display recently purchased Products in Member’s area

In this tutorial we’re creating another tab in WooCommerce My Account menu with all the products purchased by a customer.

Password Strength Meter Customization in WooCommerce

Usually website owners do not want their clients to be annoyed with the password strength notifications. I was asked a couple of times to customize WooCommerce strength meter and after that the idea to create this tutorial appeared.

WooCommerce My Account Menu

When I faced with My Account menu first time, my client asked me to add a custom link to it. I was surprised that this task was not so simple as it sounds.