How to Remove Product Sorting Dropdown

In this tutorial I will show you how to completely remove this dropdown from the shop page and product archives:

Product sorting dropdown in WooCommerce

That’s the result we are going to achieve:

remove product sorting dropdown in WooCommerce

And we are not hiding it with CSS by the way!

Change Default Product Sorting

The default WooCommerce sorting is by “menu order”, which means manually and if a manual product order is not set, the product are going to be displayed alphabetically.

Before we continue, let me show you how to sort WooCommerce products manually, maybe it is just what you need.

Go to WordPress admin, All Products page, and there click Sorting tab. After that just use drag and drop.

Reorder WooCommerce products manually in WordPress admin

Product Sorting Options

This is a complete tutorial about product sorting options in WooCommerce.

I will show you how to hide some specific options, rename them, change the order options are being displayed and of course we are going to add our own custom product sorting.

You can find product sorting dropdown on the shop page or in the product archives.

Product sorting dropdown in WooCommerce
Product sorting options

Change or Remove Sale Badge

WooCommerce sale badge is displayed automatically for products that are currently on sale. But what if you don’t like its default design or maybe you would like to change its text or even to completely remove it. We will dive into it in this tutorial.

How to Safely Remove Product Tags in WooCommerce

Product Types

Welcome to a complete WooCommerce product types tutorial, here we are going to dive into the details on how to get product type, create a custom product type and hide the default ones.

Disable Virtual and Downloadable Products

Sometimes clients are looking for a solution to completely disable downloadable (and virtual) products functionality. And in this tutorial I will show you how exactly you can do it and even without using WordPress plugins.

There are 4 steps:

  1. Remove downloads endpoint.
  2. Remove checkboxes from the admin edit product pages.
  3. Remove dropdown options from Product Type Filter.
  4. Remove downloadable product permissions meta box from edit order pages.

I will describe every step in details.