In this category you will find all the tutorials related to Products in WooCommerce.

Change or Remove Sale Badge

WooCommerce has a default “Sale!” badge which is automatically added to products which are on sale. In this tutorial I will show a correct way of removing or changing it.

How to Safely Remove Product Tags in WooCommerce

Product tags – is a custom taxonomy created by WooCommerce. The thing is that it is partly hardcoded, if you would try to deregister it, something can go wrong. So we are going to hide the products tags everywhere! No CSS of course.

Product Types Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show how to remove or rename a product type and also we will create a custom product type.

Remove Virtual and Downloadable from WooCommerce admin

In this tutorial I will show you two things – how to remove Virtual and Downloadable checkboxes from the Product data metabox and how to remove them from Product type filter on the All products page without any CSS of course.

Cross-sell products from the Thank You page with a Coupon applied

This is a bonus to my previous tutorial about WooCommerce Thank You page. Very interesting task, especially if you want to implement it without plugins.

Handle WooCommerce Product Settings

Let me show the beautiful way of adding options to WooCommerce products.

The correct way to Display recently purchased Products in Member’s area

In this tutorial we’re creating another tab in WooCommerce My Account menu with all the products purchased by a customer.

WooCommerce REST API – Create Products with Attributes

In my previous post we already worked with products, but here I want to show you one uncertain moment – creating and updating products with attributes.

WooCommerce REST API – Create, Update or Remove Products

This is the basic tutorial – you will learn how to use WooCommerce REST API. In the next more advanced tutorials we will talk about product attributes and variations.