Generate Instagram Access Token

This tool is an easy way to get your Access Token and User ID according to latest Instagram API changes.

Where to get Client ID and Client Secret? #

Watch this video or read the instructions with screenshots below.

It is the old website design on the video ☺️

Go to app registration page Click this button to register your new Client ID in Instagram.. If you never visit Instagram API page, it may ask you some questions before you can create an app.

On the Register new Client ID page specify any app name, any description and any website, but in the Valid redirect URIs field you should input the URL of this tool page – Once you generate your token, you can change it if you want.

On the register new client ID page you should provide app name, description, website URL and specify the URL of my tool in Valid Redirect URIs field.

After clicking the Register Button button you will be redirected to Manage Clients page with all your apps where you will find your Client ID.

Here is your app Client ID. Click MANAGE button to obtain your Client Secret.

And the final step — click on the Manage button to get your Client Secret.

Instagram Client ID and Client Secret

Here we go.