WooCommerce Order Statuses: Remove Core Order Statuses and Add a Custom One

I think my posts is a good way to track my working activity. When I work with a specific task for a client – after the task is complete I create a blog post about it.

And currently I want to share with you a small tutorial about managing order statuses in WooCommerce.

Removing Core Order Statuses

Here I want to say one thing — please do it carefully!

When you remove core order status, make sure, that there are no products with that status, that your WooCommerce shop doesn’t use that status anywhere, otherwise it can lead to errors. For example if you do not plan to make refunds via website, you may turn off «Refunded» status with no problems.

Be careful with core order statuses

All the code from this post you can insert to your current theme functions.php file.

 * Removing core order statuses
 * @param array $wc_statuses_arr Array of all order statuses on the website
function misha_remove_order_statuses( $wc_statuses_arr ){
	// Processing
	if( isset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-processing'] ) ) { // if exists
		unset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-processing'] ); // remove it from array
	// Refunded
	if( isset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-refunded'] ) ){
		unset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-refunded'] );
	// On Hold
	if( isset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-on-hold'] ) ){
		unset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-on-hold'] );
	// Failed
	if( isset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-failed'] ) ){
		unset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-failed'] );
	// Pending payment
	if( isset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-pending'] ) ){
		unset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-pending'] );
	// Completed
	//if( isset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-completed'] ) ){
	//    unset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-completed'] );
	// Cancelled
	//if( isset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-cancelled'] ) ){
	//    unset( $wc_statuses_arr['wc-cancelled'] );
	return $wc_statuses_arr; // return result statuses
add_filter( 'wc_order_statuses', 'misha_remove_order_statuses' );

After using this order status action hook, you may see the result on order edit page in admin area:

How to remove core order statuses in WooCommerce

But as I said before, it will lead to problems in most cases. So, be careful.

Custom Order Statuses

 * Register new status with ID "wc-misha-shipment" and label "Awaiting shipment"
function misha_register_awaiting_shipment_status() {

	register_post_status( 'wc-misha-shipment', array(
		'label'		=> 'Awaiting shipment',
		'public'	=> true,
		'show_in_admin_status_list' => true, // show count All (12) , Completed (9) , Awaiting shipment (2) ...
		'label_count'	=> _n_noop( 'Awaiting shipment (%s)', 'Awaiting shipment (%s)' )
	) );

add_action( 'init', 'misha_register_awaiting_shipment_status' );

 * Add registered status to list of WC Order statuses
 * @param array $wc_statuses_arr Array of all order statuses on the website
function misha_add_status( $wc_statuses_arr ) {

	$new_statuses_arr = array();

	// add new order status after processing
	foreach ( $wc_statuses_arr as $id => $label ) {
		$new_statuses_arr[ $id ] = $label;

		if ( 'wc-completed' === $id ) { // after "Completed" status
			$new_statuses_arr['wc-misha-shipment'] = 'Awaiting shipment';

	return $new_statuses_arr;

	// if order status order doesn't matter for you you can remove lines 21-32 and uncomment the following 35-36
	// $wc_statuses_arr['wc-misha-shipment'] = 'Awaiting shipment';
	// return $wc_statuses_arr;

add_filter( 'wc_order_statuses', 'misha_add_status' );
Custom order status in WooCommerce

Change Order Statuses Order

 * Change statuses order in dropdown list
 * @param array $wc_statuses_arr Array of all order statuses on the website
function misha_change_statuses_order( $wc_statuses_arr ){

	$new_statuses_arr = array(
		'wc-processing' => $wc_statuses_arr['wc-processing'], // 1
		'wc-completed' => $wc_statuses_arr['wc-completed'], // 2
		'wc-cancelled' => $wc_statuses_arr['wc-cancelled'], // 3
		'wc-refunded' => $wc_statuses_arr['wc-refunded'], // 4
		'wc-failed' => $wc_statuses_arr['wc-failed'], // 5
		'wc-pending' => $wc_statuses_arr['wc-pending'], // 6
		'wc-on-hold' => $wc_statuses_arr['wc-on-hold'] // 7
	return $new_statuses_arr;

add_filter( 'wc_order_statuses', 'misha_change_statuses_order' );
The new order of statuses in dropdown list

WooCommerce Order Status Manager — Plugin alternative

I know that there is a plugin alternative, it is WooCommerce Order Status Manager, so, if the code above is a little complicated for you, try the plugin then, but it costs $49 – $149.

But as I know this plugin doesn’t allow to remove core order statuses.

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