Product Sync Plugins for WooCommerce

Let me introduce you the plugins which allow to sync WooCommerce products between stores.

Click any of the above links to jump straight to the specific plugin. Both plugins work very similar.

Let’s take a quick look now.

When creating or updating a product you can choose specific WooCommerce stores you would like to sync this product to:

You can publish to multiple stores with WooCommerce product sync plugin
The stores can be added in the plugin settings, and you can also decide whether you would like to display either store names or store URL addresses in this “Publish on” metabox.

In plugin settings you can decide what product information exactly you would like to sync between WooCommerce stores:

The WooCommerce product sync plugin allows to configure what specific product data to allow for the syncronisation.
By default my WooCommerce product sync plugin pushes all the possible product data between stores, but you can turn off what you don’t need, for example on this screenshot I turned off sale prices and linked products.

And sometimes you need to sync multiple products at the same time, which is also possible with the “Bulk Sync” feature, which works like this:

Bulk sync WooCommerce products

And now let’s choose a WooCommerce product sync plugin depending on your site configuration.

For Regular WooCommerce Shops

If you’re running WooCommerce stores on different WordPress installations, so basically they are completely different websites, then you need Simple WordPress Crossposting plugin, which allows to set up the whole syncronisation thing using the WooCommerce REST API.

Learn more about Simple WordPress Crossposting →

For WordPress Multisite

First of all, guys, “Multisite” is not equal to “Multiple sites” 😁

WordPress Multisite – is a special WordPress configuration, when you can create subsites within a single WordPress installation on the same database, and these subsites can have their own subdomains or even completely different domains.

The difference between a regular WordPress installation is that we can use another WooCommerce product sync plugin – Simple Multisite Crossposting which doesn’t need the REST API in order to sync products, which means that the sync is going to work much more faster.

Learn more about Simple Multisite Crossposting →

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