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Conditional Logic in WordPress Meta Boxes

Conditional meta box in WordPress

In this tutorial I will explain you how to show or hide a field depending on a value of another field within a simple WordPress metabox.

Add Fields to Taxonomy Terms

Simple text field on add new term screen in WordPress admin area

Let’s find out now how to add custom settings fields to any taxonomy.

Creating Custom Options Pages

WordPress custom options page

In this tutorial we are going to create an options page using WordPress Settings API.

Escaping Outputs. Ultimate Tutorial

It is about how to protect your code from XSS attacks properly without over-escaping.

3 Ways to Add Notification Counter Bubbles to WordPress Admin Menu

When I created a plugin support area on my website I wanted a notification bubble to appear near the “Tickets” menu in my WordPress admin when there are any unreplied tickets, that’s how I dived deep into this topic and now I am going to share my experience with you.

How to Display a Column with Users’ Last Login Date / Time

Recently I was needed this functionality for my own website and I decided to share the process how I implemented it with you.

How to Extend the List of Allowed Domains for wp_safe_redirect()

By default function wp_safe_redirect() allows to redirect only to the same domain which is presented as a home_url(). But in some cases you may want to extend it with let’s say subdomains and in this tutorial I will provide a ready snippet for that.

Remove Posts in WordPress Dashboard with AJAX

If you ever tried to remove WordPress comments in admin dashboard, you know that comments are moved to trash asynchronously. In this tutorial I will show how to do the same for custom post types.

How to Properly Include CSS and JS in your WordPress Themes and Plugins

This in-depth tutorial contains all my experience and best practices which may be helpful when you add some CSS or JavaScript code to your WordPress website.

RFC 5322 Support for is_email() function. Quick fix.

Today I received a email from my client where he mentioned that he is unable to login to the members area on my website with his email which contains “+” symbol.

Disable Featured Images in Twenty Nineteen Theme without CSS

Today I decided to use a brand new Twenty Nineteen theme on one of my WordPress websites. Theme is awesome but I didn’t like how featured images are displayed, especially on single post pages.

Custom Gallery Metabox

Sometimes you need a slider, sometimes a gallery on your single posts pages, but how to attach images? WordPress default way doesn’t convenient – what if you would like to attach the same image to different posts?

Personal Data Exporters and Erasers

These two tools appeared in WordPress 4.9.6, and I’m going to take a closer look on both of them and try to customise for our needs with build-in hooks.

How to customise a Privacy Policy Guide

WordPress 4.9.6 major update was released to the public on 17 May, 2018 and introduced the new personal data features. This is the first tutorial in the series related to personal data in WordPress.

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