33% of all websites in the world are powered by WordPress.

Better way to handle WordPress Dashboard widgets with options

On the previous week I published the tutorial about creating and removing custom dashboard widgets for WordPress Multisite install. I decided to continue with this topic and to publish more rad stuff on it.

Everything about plugin_action_links and plugin_row_meta

Simple but useful hooks for WordPress developers. When I needed these hooks for my plugins, I couldn’t find any good tutorials, so I decided to create the one.

Send WordPress users a link to sign in by email instead using passwords

In this tutorial we’re creating a custom login form that allows to sign in WordPress users when they click a link in email.

Check License in Plugin Updates

You will be shocked how simple it is to implement the license key checking in your WordPress plugin with custom update server.

How to Change Comment Parent ID in /wp-admin/ ?

It is just a normal situation when website visitors do not care where to leave comments and they do not want to reply to their own comment threads. But what if you’re a perfectionist and you really want to move those comments to the place where they should be. But what to do if WordPress doesn’t have any build-in functionality for it?

Comments Load More. With Button or Infinity Scroll. No plugins used.

Before publishing any post I’m always searching how many ready solutions are exist. And I was very surprised when I didn’t find any tutorials about creating load more button for comments.

Load More Posts Button + Numeric Pagination

I was asked about this post so many times, so I’m glad to publish it now.

Custom Bulk Actions

In this tutorial I will show you how to add custom bulk actions to posts, pages, taxonomies, attachments comments, plugins and users.

Bulk Edit in 2 Steps

In this small step by step tutorial we will add our custom input text field and the checkbox to WordPress bulk edit menu.

Quick Edit Tutorial

I know that usually making changes in Quick Edit menu is not necessary but this option can save you so much time. Especially if you connect it with bulk edit feature.

Featured Images in Quick Edit

There are not so much tutorials about tweaking the Quick Edit in WordPress. But is is a very useful function that can save you enough time. So, now we will add a quick featured image option based on WordPress default uploader.

Gutenberg is … Awesome

Before I begin, I want to share with you my editor experience – I’ve been writing posts for my blogs for over 5 years and all that time I use WordPress editor with HTML active tab.

Interacting with Twitter API in WordPress: How to get your favorite tweets

Everything began when I decided to collect tweets with positive feedbacks to my plugins. Once the tweets were collected, they should be displayed on appropriate plugin pages.

REST API – Create, Update or Delete posts using Basic Auth and HTTP API

In this tutorial we will use the Basic Authentication method to create the interaction between two WordPress websites.

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