Upload Featured Image to a Post with REST API

Recently I have updated the tutorial about creating a post with WordPress REST API but I didn’t cover a topic of featured images there.

It is not that simple actually, but I will make it simple for you.

1. Upload an Image with REST API

$url = 'FILE URL';

$request = wp_remote_post(
		'headers' => array(
			'Authorization' => 'Basic ' . base64_encode( "$login:$password" ),
			'Content-Disposition' => 'attachment; filename="' . basename( $url ) . '"',
			'Content-Type: ' . wp_get_image_mime( $url ),
		'body' => file_get_contents( $url )

if( 'Created' === wp_remote_retrieve_response_message( $request ) ) {
	$body = json_decode( wp_remote_retrieve_body( $request ) );
	$featured_image_id = $body->id;

Great, now we have an uploaded image ID we are going to use it soon.

As you can see I am a fan of using default WordPress HTTP API functions, but of course feel free to use cURL or whatever you want.

Some errors you could face with:

2. Create a Post with Featured Image

As I said we’ve already covered post creation with REST API, so here is just a simple example of supplying a featured image ID into the request.

			'headers' => array(
				'Authorization' => 'Basic ' . base64_encode( "$login:$password" )
			'body' => array(
				'title'   => 'My test',
				'status'  => 'draft',
				'featured_media' => $featured_image_id,

That’s pretty much it.

upload featured image to a post with WordPress REST API
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