Rebuilding Index is Stuck

Though the posts index is going to be automatiacally rebuilt for a specific post or page when you create or update that post or page, sometimes you may want to run a full index rebuild, for old (previously created) posts for example.

It can be done in Settings > Index > Rebuild Index.

rebuild index in WordPress multisite

The indexing will happen in the background, so you can close the page and go do your things. But if you notice that after quite a long period of time the indexing is still in process, then most likely you have WordPress cron (WP Cron) not working properly on your server.

rebuild index is stuck

What is WP Cron and how to check if it is turned off?

WP Cron – is a standard WordPress scheduler, it allows to do some tasks on the website automatically, for example it allows to create scheduled posts. And that’s actually how we are going to test it.

Please create any post or page on your website and set its publish time just a couple minutes in the future, if it is now 5:00 AM, set for 5:02 AM for example.

Example of your scheduled post:

scheduled post in WordPress admin

Great, now let’s just wait for a couple of minutes and then refresh this page.

missed schedule WP_Cron is not working on the website
WP Cron is not working on this website.

If you get a red notice “Missed schedule”, then it means that WP Cron in disabled on your server. It is required for “Manual Sync” to work properly.

How to turn it on?

  1. First of all, if you’re using basic authentication on your website, you need to make sure either to turn if off or install “WP Cron HTTP Auth” plugin, it is free.
  2. Next thing, let’s check wp-config.php, is there a line define( 'DISABLE_WP_CRON', true)? Please remove it.
  3. If there is nothing like this in your wp-config.php file or you still have no idea what I am asking you about, please contact your hosting/server support and ask to turn on WP Cron. Usually they do it without questions.

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