Remove Unwanted Widgets in WooCommerce

In this tutorial you will find a list of default WooCommerce widgets class names, so you can unregister any of them easily.

Okay, now we continue with cleaning up WooCommerce admin from the unneeded stuff. In this tutorial I suppose that you or your client does not need all the default widgets that appear after you install the WooCommerce plugin.

And by the way – at the moment of creating this tutorial I didn’t find a list of default WooCommerce widget names anywhere over the internet, which of course surprised me. So I retrieve all the widget names directly from the code.

Let’s come back for a second to a key idea of deregistering a widget which is quite simple:

add_action( 'widgets_init', function(){

Actually all you have to do is to run unregister_widget() function within widgets_init hook.

And here is the list of WooCommerce widgets.

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