WooCommerce Memberships: How to allow viewing all front end restricted content to any user or by a user role.

In this tutorial I will show you how WC Memberships restrictions work. We will create a functions.php filter that allows to view all restricted content to any user.


Where is the problem with the «Editor» role and WC Memberships?

Let’s look at the «Editor» role on the website with WooCommerce Memberships installed.

Editors can edit any content-based custom post types. Even if the post is restricted by WC Membership.

But when they’re trying to preview changes of their restricted post, they see this error message:

Restricted content WooCommerce Memberships

Quiet a nonsense. User can edit but can not view.

In this totorial I will try to explain you why this happens and how to fix it.

Just interesting – what are you doing in this case?

Have you ever been faced with that problem?

If yes – what did you do to fix it? Did you create a special membership for editors?

How to fix it the easy way?


I begin with saying that administrator and shop_manager are two roles that have overall website content access without dependency on content restriction.

Let’s begin with that point.

It took mу 3 hours of looking through the WC Memberships code to understand, that the plugin uses user_has_cap filter hook to allow complete access for administrators and shop managers.


Simple — it just checks user manage_woocommerce capability. So, if current_user_can( 'manage_woocommerce' ) this user has the overall website content access in front end.

So, you can just run this code at once:

$editor = get_role( 'editor' );
$editor->add_cap( 'manage_woocommerce');

The effect will be OK, but you will notice that in admin area editor receive a capability of managing WooCommerce settings.

WooCommerce settings access

Well, we do not want that! So, let’s come back and remove manage_woocommerce capability.

$editor->remove_cap( 'manage_woocommerce');

Ready-to-use code for your functions.php

Finally, the solution. Just insert it and enjoy.

 * Allow editor to view all restricted content
add_filter( 'user_has_cap', 'misha_add_editor_cap', 20, 3 );
 * @param array $allcaps All user capabilities
 * @param array $caps Current capability we're filtering now - $caps[0]
 * @param array $args Capability parameters, e.g. $args[0] - capability name, $args[1] - user ID, $args[2] - post ID
function misha_add_editor_cap( $allcaps, $caps, $args ) {
	if ( isset( $caps[0] ) )  :
		switch ( $caps[0] ) :
			case 'wc_memberships_access_all_restricted_content':
			case 'wc_memberships_view_restricted_post_content' :
			case 'wc_memberships_view_restricted_product' :
			case 'wc_memberships_view_restricted_product_taxonomy_term':
			case 'wc_memberships_view_delayed_product_taxonomy_term':
			case 'wc_memberships_view_restricted_taxonomy_term' :
			case 'wc_memberships_view_restricted_taxonomy' :
			case 'wc_memberships_view_restricted_post_type' :
			case 'wc_memberships_view_delayed_post_type':
			case 'wc_memberships_view_delayed_taxonomy':
			case 'wc_memberships_view_delayed_taxonomy_term':
			case 'wc_memberships_view_delayed_post_content' :
			case 'wc_memberships_view_delayed_product' :
			//case 'wc_memberships_purchase_delayed_product' :
			//case 'wc_memberships_purchase_restricted_product' :
				// if you want to apply changes only for specific user, use:
				// if( get_current_user_id() == 2451 ) // 2451 - User ID
				// or
				// if( $args[1] = 2451 )
				// check if Editor
				if ( $allcaps['editor'] === true ) {
					$allcaps[ $caps[0] ] = true;
	return $allcaps;

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