Why WooCommerce Memberships Ending Soon Email Doesn’t Work?

I’ve been working with WooCommerce Memberships and Subscriptions projects since 2015, and I had to do this research long time ago. Well, but better later than never, right?

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If you use both WooCommerce Memberships and Subscriptions plugins on your website you may wonder why "Memberships Ending Soon" email is never sent.

WooCommerce Memberships Ending Soon email
WooCommerce > Settings > Emails

First reason – there is a hook, which turns off this email if a Membership is connected to a Subscription

There is a hook woocommerce_email_enabled_WC_Memberships_User_Membership_Ending_Soon_Email deep inside WooCommerce Memberships plugin, so, the Subscriptions plugin connects to this hook and:

  • gets a user membership with wc_memberships_get_user_membership(),
  • checks if this membership is connected to a subscription or not with wc_memberships_is_user_membership_linked_to_subscription(),
  • returns false if connected.

Example of overriding this scenario:

add_filter( 'woocommerce_email_enabled_WC_Memberships_User_Membership_Ending_Soon_Email', 'misha_override_ending_soon', 30, 2 );
function misha_override_ending_soon( $is_enabled, $user_membership ){
	return true;

Do you think anything will change if you use that hook? Lol, it won’t.

Second reason – scheduled action will not be created for Memberships without an expiration date

But as you can see below, all Subscription-based memberships doesn’t have an expiration date.

Memberships connected to subscriptions do not have an expiration date
Go to WooCommerce > Memberships and look at the Expires column.

So, even if you run the hook I mentioned above, Ending Soon emails (wc_memberships_user_membership_expiring_soon hook) won’t be scheduled anyway.

But why WooCommerce does it? I think it is because subscriptions doesn’t support early renewals at this moment. So, there is just no reason to send a reminder a couple days ago because you can not put the renewal link into the email.

How to Make Ending Soon Emails Work for Subscription-based Memberships?

Currently I’m working on a plugin that allows to turn the Ending Soon emails on for Subscription-based memberships too. Leave a comment down below 👇 if you want me to send you the link to the plugin once it will be ready.

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  • Hi Misha,
    I would be very interested to see your plugin once it is ready.

    • Hi Scott,

      I’m glad to hear that and I need your help.

      Please describe here in details how are you going to use the plugin? Because I’m a bit stuck in functionality. Not sure what is needed for people.

      Are you using both Subscriptions and Memberships? Do your customers have multiple memberships or subscriptions? etc :)

      • I think that the elements you have outlined in your article are the features I would be looking for.
        The option to have subscription renewals send a reminder a couple days/weeks before the end date is really important to ensure the subscriptions are renewed.

        When a subscription is linked to a membership level, this becomes even more important.

        The “Membership Ending Soon” email (and/or the “Subscription Ending Soon” email) should ALWAYS be sent.

        I would like to see all Subscription memberships have an end date enforced.
        If this is not possible, then adding options for Admins to dictate what time-frames to use to send the “Subscription Ending Soon” email would work.
        Eg: Send renewal reminder email 330 days after start & 355 days after start.

  • Misha,

    Thanks for the excellent post.

    I have a site where I have a Membership plan enabled for a free trial and a separate plan for the actual paid product. I have people with expiration dates (which I have manually modified via SQL query to extend the trial) and these individuals are not linked to a subscription. Emails are not being sent on what I think is the correct schedule.

    I’m really interested to understand how the hook works – does it trigger at the exact time and date of a membership expiry? Is there a batch process running at some point? Any info would be helpful.

    • In regards to functionality of your plugin – I get why they have set it up this way – as a recurring monthly subscription (my use case) does not want an email sent to customers each month – I simply want the system to take a card payment and send a paid invoice.

      I can see however other use cases where you would want membership ending emails to be sent in all cases.

      Happy to chat on DM / Slack etc

    • Hey,

      Does WP_Cron work on your website?

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