Since this category appeared on the website, there were many changes in Instagram API. But each time I’m trying to find new ways to work with it.

How to Get Instagram Photos by Tag and of any User without Access Token

Wow, this header is very provoking. What do you think – will I really show you how to get photos by tag without a token? And my answer is – yes, I will.

Instagram API with Pure JavaScript

I didn’t even expect that interaction with Instagram API using pure JavaScript is as much simple as with jQuery.

How to connect Instagram API using wp_remote_get() function in WordPress

In these examples I will show you how to get user info from Instagram or his recent media. All the examples work in Sandbox Mode.

Instagram API Pagination – Get more than 20 and more than 33 photos

In this tutorial we will talk about Instagram limitations which do not allow to display more than 20 photos or sometimes more than 33 photos and how to get rid of them.

Get Images from Instagram using PHP

PHP code examples of how to get posts from Instagram by a username or by a tag. With new API support.

Get Photos from Instagram using jQuery

In this tutorial we are going to use jQuery $.ajax to connect to Instagram API and get photos by user or by tag. Works perfectly with the latest API changes.