WordCamp Oslo 2018

At the beginning of 2018 I visited Europe my first time, and I loved it so much! Once I come back to St.Petersburg, I’d begun looking for any possibility to visit Europe again. And this possibility had come.

WordCamp in Norway was a perfection!

The Plan

Our plan was the following:

  1. Go to Tallinn from St.Petersburg by night bus
  2. Direct flight from Tallinn to Oslo
  3. Stay one night in Oslo, visit WordCamp Oslo
  4. Night bus from Oslo to Stockholm
  5. Meet with my ex-girlfriend friends in Stockholm
  6. Direct flight from Stockholm to Helsinki
  7. Night bus from Helsinki to St. Petersburg

But a couple days before our journey an unexpectancy occurred – I got a cold. But even with that our trip was amazing!


We arrived at Tallinn super-early, and it was freezing cold in the morning. Everything was closed, even the bus station, so we just walked around it to get warm 😭

Once the bus station opened its doors and we got a little bit warmer we decided to go for a short walk.

Mcdonalds Viru Gates in Tallinn
We didn’t have a lot of choices where to have breakfast so we choose McDonald’s. Actually McDonald’s in Tallinn is the only one where I heard russian music. I can say, after the night trip by bus, morning coffee is a life-saver.
Tallinn Streets of Old Town
Tallinn Old Town in the morning. I know there is an Italian flag, but it is not Italy, believe me πŸ™‚

Once done with walking we took the uber to the airport.

Tallinn Airport
After the cold morning it was so pleasantly sunny and hot in the airport.


Hi Norway!
bridge in oslo downtown Akrobaten bru
Usually I’m that guy who deletes all photos with ex-girlfriends, but I really like this photo.

I also remember a free bus to IKEA and there was the most delicious salmon I ever eat. Really. We also wanted to visit MESH, but it was closed by weekends.

On the next day – WordCamp!

WordCamp Oslo logo

I also found half an hour to finish my tutorial, here is the link.

Publishing my new tutorials while on WordCamp Oslo
Unlimited coffee and so many cool spots to work in Kulturhuset.
Best conference lunch ever on #wcoslo
One of the things that surprised me in Oslo was that healthy food was everywhere. Really, just look at the photos above during our conference meal. On all the WordCamps I’ve ever been before, it always was pizza 😁
WordCamp Oslo super cozy
Well, WordCamp Oslo in my opinion is the cosiest WordCamp I’ve been.

But we didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy afterparty, so we headed to the bus station. The next part of our journey was the night bus ride to Stockholm.


Maybe because I didn’t sleep very or maybe because it was freezing cold in Oslo as well, the next day I became to feel worse. So I didn’t have a chance to enjoy Stockholm fully.

Stockholm Gamla Stan
It is not my first city in Europe but I enjoyed Gamla Stan so much! It is beautiful!
We also found “Johan and NystΓΆm” in Stockholm – a place with tasty coffee and very convenient places to work. I began one of my most popular tutorials there – about developing custom payment gateways for WooCommerce.
Stockholm underground
Not sure why, but everyone is posting photos of this subway station in Instagram.

All the photos were taken on my iPhone 7.

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