Cozy WordCamp Oslo 2018

I opened this page, where all the future WordPress conferences are listed and marked on the map. I wanted to find a nearby conference in English, so at least I could understand what speakers say.

WordCamp Oslo was a perfection! 🇳🇴

By the way I often make decisions depending on the websites, and WordCamp Oslo’s website is really nice!

Actually a couple days before the trip I got cold, but even with that the trip was amazing.

The first stop was in Tallinn

Btw there are no cheap flights directly from St.Petersburg to anywhere in Europe, one of the good options is to go to Helsinki or Tallinn by bus and only then to the airport ✈️

So, our plan included a night bus from St.Petersburg to Tallinn and a flight from Tallinn to Oslo. We arrived at 5am and it was freezing cold at this time!

Mcdonalds Viru Gates in Tallinn

All the morning from 5am to 11am we were walking in Tallin’s Old Town and then – to the airport. As you can guess from the above photos, our breakfast was in McDonalds. It is not the best one in Tallinn, but we didn’t have lots of choices at 5am 😁 After the night trip by bus, morning coffee is a life-saver.

Tallinn Streets of Old Town

WordCamp in Oslo

Unfortunately I didn’t take much photos (at least good ones), maybe because of my cold or maybe because I was amazed by this city just on every step.

I remember a free bus to IKEA and there was the most delicious salmon I ever eat. Really. We also wanted to visit MESH, but it is closed by weekends.

On the next day we went to WordCamp which was held in Kulturhuset in the heart of Oslo.

WordCamp Oslo 2018 Kulturhuset

I also found half an hour to finish my tutorial about an alternate way of user authorization in WordPress, here is the link.

Publishing my new tutorials while on WordCamp Oslo

One of the things that surprised me in Oslo is that healthy food was everywhere. Really, just look at the photos above on our conference meal. On all the WordCamps I’ve ever been before, it always was pizza.

Best conference lunch ever on #wcoslo

Back to St.Petersburg through Stockholm

One more night bus and we’re in Stockholm! 🇸🇪

There were 2 things I enjoyed in Stockholm the most – Gamla Stan and Johan & Nyström coffeeshop which is perfect when you work remotely and live laptop lifestyle.

Stockholm Gamla Stan
Johan and Nyström Stockholm

All the photos was taken by me personally on iPhone 7.

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