Ok, How to Sync Users between WordPress Sites?

Add sites you would like to sync users with

This is the only required configuration step – please go to Settings > User Sync and switch to the Sites tab. Here you can add as many websites as you want to sync users with.

You can share logins and users between multiple WordPress sites added on this page.

Configure plugin settings

Right now the plugin settings page look like this. I am trying to keep it as simple as possible but sometimes I add options by customer requests (when I believe it is worth to add).

User sync settings page

Sometimes you need to sync only specific user data – for example you may not need to sync the user role changes or specific user meta keys.

In order to configure it – just switch to Fields tab.

Sync specific user data with the other sites

Start syncing users

In order to share users between sites you need to select a checkbox of a specific website in the profile settings (or on Add New User page).

No need to select checkboxes in user profiles with Auto Sync option enabled though – the users will be automatically synced with all the sites addedΒ in plugin settings.

Sync WordPress users across multiple sites