What PHP file does WooCommerce Shop Page use?

Sometimes it can be unclear what WordPress theme files are going to be used for WooCommerce pages. Let’s figure it out!

As you know, WooCommerce creates a bunch of its system pages after installation, like “Cart”, “Checkout”, “My Account” etc.

For pages like “Cart” and “Checkout” everything is quite obvious, but “Shop” page seems like an archive page, isn’t it? As for me, for the first time I thought that the file for this page should be archive.php or something like that… what can I say, I was surprised.

Look at the diagram below:

Teamplate files which WooCommerce Shop page uses
WooCommerce Shop Page template hierarchy

As you can see, I cut out custom.php (Custom Page Templates) from the image – it is because WooCommerce removes the dropdown option where you can choose a custom page template for the Shop page.

One more thing – if your Shop page is displayed as website homepage, the most priority file will be front-page.php, everything else as on the diagram above.

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