Taxonomy Terms in Breadcrumbs

I think, there are three different options:

Non-hierarchical taxonomy

Such taxonomies works like post tags. The simpliest way to print the term links is the_terms() function.

global $post; // this will help if you would use this code inside a custom function
$rd_post_id = $post->ID; // current post ID
$rd_taxonomy = 'region'; // taxonomy name
// the third argument is what you want to add before the navigation, you can leave it empty
// the fourth argument is term link separator , | / •
the_terms( $rd_post_id, $rd_taxonomy, 'Navigation: ', ' / ' );

Taxonomies with hierarchy

These taxonomies works like categories.

1. When only one term is checked

the_terms() functions will work great with this, so, look at the previous code example.

2. When the term tree is checked

This is how it looks:

taxonomy with hierarchy in wordpress admin

In that case the right term order is very important for us.

echo '<div id="kroshki">You are here:';
$rd_taxonomy = 'region'; // region taxonomy
$rd_terms = wp_get_post_terms( $post->ID, $rd_taxonomy, array( "fields" => "ids" ) ); // getting the term IDs
if( $rd_terms ) {
	$term_array = trim( implode( ',', (array) $rd_terms ), ' ,' );
	$neworderterms = get_terms($rd_taxonomy, 'orderby=none&include=' . $term_array );
	foreach( $neworderterms as $orderterm ) {
		echo '<a href="' . get_term_link( $orderterm ) . '">' . $orderterm->name . '</a> » ';
echo '</div>';
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